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We make getting hearing aids and hearing services an exceptional experience!

We do a comprehensive case history of your hearing needs then a complete hearing evaluation. Every detail of your hearing exam is explained so you know exactly what your hearing is like.  

If you’re looking for a quality hearing care and service? Spiritwood Hearing Centre strives to provide the best in Hearing Care and customer service! We are located on Main street in Spiritwood Saskatchewan. We are an independent company with small town charm! 


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After the hearing evaluation we look at what type, style and level of hearing aid is needed to best suit you, your lifestyle and your hearing. We offer all price points from basic to high end performance hearing aids. 

Whether you just want information, a hearing evaluation, repair to existing hearing aids or a whole new set....we have it all!



We offer continued support and counceling for our clients and their family's. During fitting we explain cleaning of your hearing aids and general use. All hearing aids require custom personalization to suit you! Continued adjustments are vital to success with hearing aids!  

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You’re ready to take the first step in hearing better and improving your quality of life! Whether your having trouble hearing at home with your loved ones or out in a crowded restaurant we have the solution that best suits you!